Flower Bodypainting

Bodypainting: me
Model: Angelica
Photog: Martin

Woohoo... Angelica has such a perfectly shaped body; almost vase shaped! perfect for this look. Martin's idea of getting her to sit for the shoot was great and I love this pic! Yipee once again more of my flowers and   butterflies. Guess I will move away from it soon and work on new stuff. Air brushing works will be in by the end of the year!! Totally excited for it! :)

Body painting - Chinese characters

Makeup, hair and bodypainting : me 
Model: Rita
Photog: Martin 

Did a shoot featuring these two chinese characters. They sound totally the same but one means dance and the other means martial arts. Thought it is a nice contrast. One is more masculine and the other more feminine :)

Nude makeup look with LK and Gwen

Model: Gwen
Makeup and hair: me
Photog: Leng Keong

Did a simple shoot with them :) Gwen has such nice koreanish face. *Likes* 

Raven themed shoot

Makeup and hair: me 
Model: Valentina
Stylist and photog: Martin

Had this idea to do a raven themed shoot and Martin did a great job hunting down all the possible pieces to make this look! :) it was really fun to have the feathers flying all over and i love the long black nails. 

Gave her a bit of a feathery black eye with dark black lips! Hopefully it did create a more sinister and raven look =) Enjoy~

A black and white version: