Bridal makeup and hair with Reeie

Bridal makeup and hair (day)
Hair n makeup: me
Gown: vivian gown
Photog: Daniel Ho
Model: Reeie

Did a clean n refreshing makeup for Reeie. Used a girly purple n pink eyeshadow for her eyes and gave her natural looking lips n blush. For hair, i did a simple curl and pin up with accessories! :)

Click on picture for a clearer image!

Special effects makeup: assassin @ old brunei embassy

Model: Raych
Photog: EC
Makeup and wounds/cuts: me!

Fashion shoot with Nat Dickson

Makeup n hair: me
Model: Nat Dickson
Stylist: Winnie
Photog: Clarence

Fashion shoot w nat dickson

Model: Nat Dickson
Makeup n hair: me
Stylist: Winnie
Photog: Clarence

Did a photoshoot with a stylist this time round!! love it when a stylist is around coz the whole look will be more complete!! :) hope all my shoots will have a stylist!!!!! hahahaha.Anyway, there should be a second set with a nice car coming up next with this team!! looking forward to it ~~

High fashion makeup: dark angel

Model: Nora
Makeup: me
Hair: Michelle Chin
Wardrobe: Rachel
Photog: Raymond Lau

Worked with a great team for this!! love the long long dress and nora is real tall n slim! We gave her dark racoon eyes with nude lips completed with slick hair combed back in a bun to complement the elegant long dress. Hope we will do great in the contest!!

Special effects makeup: Drugs theme

Model: Weng Ling
Makeup, hair and wounds/cuts: me
Photog: POM

Worked with Pom once again on a more interesting theme :) DRUGS. went to an abondon house and shot this series. All of us got dirty and some got injured .... but i love the photos that came out! the blue blacks look painful to me... haha i bet there were alot more real ones when we went back home.

Makeup series: Butterfly makeup series

Model: nina
makeup: me
hair: jesslyn
Photog: Raymond Lau

this series is inspired by the morphing of butteflies. :) from the cocoon stage to the adult stage. check out the hair and makeup. We started with a big bun up with a dark shade of brown for the eyes and bold red lips. We then move on to create a softer look just like when the first hint of spring comes along. And the last look, my personal fav is when it is morphed into a butterfly.
I decided to give it a more colorful and spring feel with pastel blue, pink and pearl colored eye and soft natural warm lips.

hope u guys like these looks :)

Creative makeup: creative brows work and bold colors :)

model: manuela
Makeup n hair: me
Photog: Sun Wai

Work with this new team on this creative proj. Experimented with more creative brows and more bold colors. the brows was inspired by feathers... yup too much of the movie black swan... haha

PS: i know too much of my works contains studs. but i just love them!! so they are everywhere!! hahaha

Body painting work: Lines and studs and glitter!

Model: wei fen
Makeup & bodypainting: me
Photog: Pom

Eyeliner work

Model: rain
Makeup n hair: me
Photog: Geoffery

Created this clean n fuss free look focusing on lower liner and give her a nice brown orangy lip color!

Creative makeup: Black and white makeup

Model: Rain
Makeup and hair: me
Photog: geoffery
Decided to try out some assymetry makeup with studs and lower falsies :)