Creative Makeup - Scorpion look

Makeup and hair: me
Model: Evangeline
Photog: Leng Keong

Decided upon this scorpion look with a bit of sinister look. :) I kind of like the way it turns out! :) My new ring came to good use too! i think it fits the look! hope u guys love it too!

Paper gown look

Model: Addeva
Makeup n hair: me
Outfit: Rachel
Photog: tanslr

Fresh summer look :)

Model: Melissa Jane
Makeup n hair: me
Photog: Raymond Lau

A simple n fresh look to compliment the butterflies. :) haha think i have been working on quite a few butterfly themes. Switch is coming soon!! Keep a look out for more!

Butterfly Bodypainting

Model: Joy
Makeup n body painting: me
Photog: Eng Chuan

Decided to do this butterfly bodypainting after super long. It took quite a bit of time while i painstaking drew on various butterflies. :) thanks everyone for their patience.